3 Things To Do On Vesak Day

Image by Good Vibes – Binaural Beats

Vesak Day is a day where people all over the world commemorate Buddhism. Here’s 3 things we can do on this very special day.

Eat Compassionately

Vesak Day is a great day to practise compassionate eating, choosing to eat without the needs of the pain and sufferings of other beings. Vegetarian and vegan meals are ideal options for us to eat compassionately.


The greatest act of a man is to give. When we give, we are also giving ourselves a chance at greatness. This opens the door for us to abundance. Some of the stuff we can give are money, food, time, our strength, and even our attention.

Let Go

In Buddhism, attachments are sufferings. And to learn to let go is to also let go of these sufferings. This is somewhat similar to the essence of minimalism, which is to let go of the unnecessary things in our lives, to make space for what truly matters.


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