3 Things Fathers Really Want For Fathers’ Day

Fathers’ Day is around the corner and for many of us, it’s also the time where we all start scratching our heads in unison and ponder how can we give our fathers a celebration to remember.

Our Presence

I used to believe that everyday should be Fathers’ Day (or Mothers’ Day, or Valentines’ Day, etc.) I still think it should. But such believes are simply unrealistic as everyone has their own endeavours to pursue in their everyday lives.

Therefore, special occasions like these are an opportunity for us to get together and express our love and gratitude to the special people in our lives.

Happy, Healthy, and Well

For fathers, nothing beats seeing their loved ones happy, healthy, and well. There’s nothing in the world that a father will exchange for the wellness of the people they love. Therefore, this is the greatest gift a child can give to his/her father.

To Be Frugal

As a father myself, I will be worried if my loved ones spend a bomb on the celebration.

The purpose of having Fathers’ Day is for us to remember and show gratitude to the sweat and tears our fathers sacrificed while ensuring we grow up well, not another day for us to have an excuse to exercise our mindless consumerism behaviours.

Spending a fortune on it might inadvertently erodes the meaning of the occasion.


I can assure you that our fathers will not frown at us if we have not prepare any special gifts for them. It also doesn’t even matter where our celebrations will take place at.

Just remember to put away your phones and simply give your father your love and attention that they deserve and I guarantee that that will bring a smile to their faces, if not their hearts.


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