3 Ways To Let Go

Letting go is an essential part of any minimalist’s journey. Here’s 3 ways of letting go that I have used in mine.


Selling is, perhaps, the most ideal way of letting go. After all, we will be getting back some money for our once-loved possessions. If our negotiation skills are good, we can even make profits from the sales of them.

Selling our stuff has become easier in the 21st century as there are currently plenty of apps available to help facilitate the transactions between buyers and sellers.


Sometimes, we may encounter difficulties in selling our stuff. When this happen, we may consider giving our stuff away.

We can either give them away to our friends and family or to the charity and the needy. However, please ensure that your intended recipients are keen to accept your give-away’s. The last thing we want is to pass on our problems to become someone else’s problems. That would be kind of inconsiderate.


Sometimes, letting go via throwing away becomes inevitable. Usually, this is necessary when there are no takers of our unwanted items (Yes, our once prized possessions may someday be deemed worthless).

Throwing away may cause detrimental effects to our environment. Therefore, please consider if they can be recycled first before putting them into the rubbish bin.


We will continue to be trapped in the vicious cycle of buying, selling, giving, and throwing if we fail to identify and acknowledge the root of the problem.

Most of those stuff exist simply because of our impulses in the past. The next time when you see something that you really desire, just give yourself a little more time to consider if you really, really need them.


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