The 2 Prisons We Live In

Our Desires

It is inevitable that we all have some forms of desire.

Our desires dictate us to pursue them. Some of our desires are strong, some of our desires are weak.

The stronger our desires are, the stronger our urge to acquire them becomes. The more desires we have, the more energy we expend in chasing after them.

Our Possessions

We buy stuff. We use them. We grew attached to them. Then we start to develop fear of losing them. We find it impossible to let them go. And just like this, we become prisoners to our possessions.

Yielding our precious freedom to them.


Our desires and possessions are the things that keep us motivated and happy in our lives. However, if we are not careful, we can easily relinquish ourselves and become prisoners to them.

Therefore, it is important that we develop a healthy relationship with our desires and possessions. Our desires and possessions must always serve us with meaning and purpose.

If they ever fail to do so, we must be prepared to let them go.


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