Does It Spark Joy?

In case you start wondering, no, I am not jumping on the recent Marie Kondo bandwagon.

By now, you might have already come across the term “spark joy” multiple times. “Spark joy” is a term that is popularized by the famous Japanese organizing consultant, Marie Kondo. She has already sold millions of books all over the world and her recent show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, has propelled her popularity to even further heights.

More than just a catchy slogan, “does it spark joy?” is actually an extremely helpful question to ask ourselves when we find ourselves stuck in the process of decluttering our stuff.

When many of us are decluttering, we tend to go through the cruel process of interrogating our stuff. “This belt is damaged, I’m getting rid of it.”, “I don’t like the colour of this bag anymore. Therefore, I’m going to throw it away.”, “I haven’t listened to this CD for years, time to say bye bye.” All these may seemed innoucuous, but by enforcing negative perspectives onto our once-adored belongings may just be really unfair to them. Also, negativity breeds negativity. Therefore it’ll be wise if we can distant ourselves from all those self-incurred negative thoughts, as much as possible.

When we’re asking whether if something sparks joy, we seek to better understand the relationship between ourselves and our belongings. We allow positivity to naturally manifest. And if the answer is “no, it doesn’t”, we might just find the magnitude to let them go.

Image from KonMari


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