3 Benefits Of Quitting Facebook

It’s been two years since I have deleted my Facebook account. Before quitting Facebook, I had been a Facebook user for 9 years. One day, I realized that I was too consumed by it and I simply had to shut it down. I never looked back since.

More Time

I could still remember that the first and last thing that I used to do on a daily basis was to check my Facebook notifications. Even before my room was lit, the blue light emitted from my screen flashed vigorously into my pupils. Everyday, I would have spent an estimate of 3 hours on Facebook. That would equates to more than 1000 hours a year, or 45 straight days of using Facebook. Imagine what I could I have spent the time on instead. More time for my hobbies, my family, or simply just to sleep!

More Attention

It saddens me that sometimes when I am out gathering with my friends, everyone’s attention is being sucked into their phone. What even saddens me more is that some of them chooses to scroll through their Facebook than to talk. Well, actually I am not all that saddened. In fact, it could have been me choosing to give my attention to Facebook and subject my loved ones of having to endure the agony of my neglect. Thankfully, I didn’t.

Less Ego

Without Facebook, I had nowhere to post my travels and lunches to my ‘friends’ to admire. I don’t have to secretly hope for ‘likes’. I don’t have to see who had wished me ‘happy birthday’ and who had not. Quitting Facebook taught me the art of not caring. The happiness that comes from satisfying our ego is usually short-lived. The constant stroking required can result in quick burnouts.

Learning to let go of ego can truly be liberating.

Image from ME.ME

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