3 Ways To Let Go

Letting go is an essential part of any minimalist’s journey. Here’s 3 ways of letting go that I have used in mine.


Selling is, perhaps, the most ideal way of letting go. After all, we will be getting back some money for our once-loved possessions. If our negotiation skills are good, we can even make profits from the sales of them.

Selling our stuff has become easier in the 21st century as there are currently plenty of apps available to help facilitate the transactions between buyers and sellers.


Sometimes, we may encounter difficulties in selling our stuff. When this happen, we may consider giving our stuff away.

We can either give them away to our friends and family or to the charity and the needy. However, please ensure that your intended recipients are keen to accept your give-away’s. The last thing we want is to pass on our problems to become someone else’s problems. That would be kind of inconsiderate.


Sometimes, letting go via throwing away becomes inevitable. Usually, this is necessary when there are no takers of our unwanted items (Yes, our once prized possessions may someday be deemed worthless).

Throwing away may cause detrimental effects to our environment. Therefore, please consider if they can be recycled first before putting them into the rubbish bin.


We will continue to be trapped in the vicious cycle of buying, selling, giving, and throwing if we fail to identify and acknowledge the root of the problem.

Most of those stuff exist simply because of our impulses in the past. The next time when you see something that you really desire, just give yourself a little more time to consider if you really, really need them.


3 Things Fathers Really Want For Fathers’ Day

Fathers’ Day is around the corner and for many of us, it’s also the time where we all start scratching our heads in unison and ponder how can we give our fathers a celebration to remember.

Our Presence

I used to believe that everyday should be Fathers’ Day (or Mothers’ Day, or Valentines’ Day, etc.) I still think it should. But such believes are simply unrealistic as everyone has their own endeavours to pursue in their everyday lives.

Therefore, special occasions like these are an opportunity for us to get together and express our love and gratitude to the special people in our lives.

Happy, Healthy, and Well

For fathers, nothing beats seeing their loved ones happy, healthy, and well. There’s nothing in the world that a father will exchange for the wellness of the people they love. Therefore, this is the greatest gift a child can give to his/her father.

To Be Frugal

As a father myself, I will be worried if my loved ones spend a bomb on the celebration.

The purpose of having Fathers’ Day is for us to remember and show gratitude to the sweat and tears our fathers sacrificed while ensuring we grow up well, not another day for us to have an excuse to exercise our mindless consumerism behaviours.

Spending a fortune on it might inadvertently erodes the meaning of the occasion.


I can assure you that our fathers will not frown at us if we have not prepare any special gifts for them. It also doesn’t even matter where our celebrations will take place at.

Just remember to put away your phones and simply give your father your love and attention that they deserve and I guarantee that that will bring a smile to their faces, if not their hearts.

6 Ways To Get Rid Of Your Debt

Debt, if left unattended, is bound to cause insurmountable damages to us. Therefore, getting rid of them should be of paramount importance to anyone who has them. If you’re drowning in debt and dying to get yourself out of it, here’s 6 ways that may just help you to do so.

Have A Plan

It is important to devise a repayment plan and stick to it. Ensure that a portion of your monthly income goes to the repayment and the amount should be significant and realistic. The amount allocated must also be able to gradually reduce the overall debt amount.

Clear The Smaller Debt First

Assuming you have a total of three sets of unpaid loans. Ideally, you should work towards clearing off the smallest one first. By doing so, you eliminate the number of your existing sets of loans from three to two. The reason for this is to help you achieve the “small victories”, that are important to keep you motivated in your arduous journey of becoming debt free. However, it is also important to put other factors into consideration as well, such as the payment due dates and interest rates. If you have a loan that has a 5% interest rate and another one with 25% interest rate, it is then only logical to prioritize eliminating the 25% one first.

Change Your Circle

In the midst of our money problems, it is also important that we pay attention to our social circle. If we are in debt and continuing spending time with friends who enjoy exquisite and expensive lifestyles, maybe it is a better idea to avoid joining them for the time being (at least until we become debt free again). At such times, we simply cannot continue to indulge in $40 catch-up meals and $50 karaoke sessions. An occassional treat is fine but ultimately, focus, discipline, and perseverance is all we need.

Change Your Habits

Our poor financial state is often a result of our day to day spending habits, rather than a massive, one-off purchase. Therefore it is important for us to align our lifestyle habits to our financial capabilities. Those innocuous $5 breakfast sets that we reward ourselves every morning may seem insignificant but it actually adds up to $1,825 a year. Your chance of achieving debt free status will increase exponentially if you are willing to replace those $5 breakfast sets with some homemade sandwiches.


Borrowing may be deemed sensitive and shunned upon by many but if there’s someone who trusts you and is willing to help, it can relief you the burden of the usually-high interest rates and legal pressure from the various banks and loan firms. However, this route must be treaded carefully and repayment must be carried out timely as promised.


Lastly, track your progress. Being able to visually witness our debt being reduced works wonders to our self-belief and confidence.

Author’s Note

In case you’re wondering, the above ways are indeed tried and proven ways to get one out of debt.

No prize for guessing who the sucker, who had to use them, was.

Under My Bed

Many of us do not realize that despite our innate nature urging us to, we do not need to fill up every empty spaces that we have.

Our bed is perhaps the most important place in our lives. After all, most of us will spend one third of our time on them. Therefore, it is imperative that we treat this sacred place with respect and love.

As much as possible it should not double-up as a storage compartment. According to Fengshui, whenever we allow clutter to build up under our bed, we prevent the flow of positive energy. The energy becomes stale. This will affect our fortune adversely. On top of that, clutter also attracts unwanted dust and critters, which may contribute to respiratory problems.

The kind of things that we keep under our bed are usually unnecessary stuff. Old guitars, sentimental used textbooks, extra pillows, and boxes of stuff we don’t even remember at all. One of the main reasons we put them there is because of “out of sight, out of mind.” But the truth is that the only real way to really get them out of our mind is to, actually, get rid of them.

Once I decided to clear out the clutter under my bed, my sleep became better. This ultimately led to improvements in other aspects of my life, like my relationship, health, and career.

Our 3rd Wedding Anniversary

Recently, my wife and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. We celebrated the special occasion at the latest darling of the nation, Jewel Changi Airport.

From the outside, Jewel resembles a futuristic enclosed city, shaped like an enormous donut. We had our dinner at Pizza Express. Fortunately, the vegan choices we ordered weren’t as uninspiring as the restaurant’s name. In fact, we really enjoyed them.

Pizza Express
Pomodoro Pesto Pizza
Penne Funghi
Penne Giardiniera

After dinner, we decided to take a stroll around the complex. The main attraction of this beautiful mall is the huge waterfall attraction in the middle of the compound. It is called Rain Vortex and it is also the largest indoor waterfall in the world. I must admit that I was blown away by the sheer volume of the water that was being dropped, so intensively from above. It reminded me of the great Madakaripura Waterfall in Indonesia, that I had the opportunity to visit back in 2016.

Rain Vortex

The day ended with us gazing in awe at the water and light show. While everyone was holding up their phones trying to capture every moment of the amazing spectacle (not judging), I decided to put mine away. And to simply allow myself a moment to be immersed in the beauty of the waterfall, the beauty of the occasion, and the beauty of my unsuspecting wife.

Why Have Kids?

Most of the time, there is a reason behind every choice we make. We may choose certain career path because it aligns with our financial and life objectives. Or we may prefer certain cars over others because we may find that they are big enough to fit all our family members. But ever wondered, “why have kids?” Perhaps they are cute, but does that justify the huge trade-offs required?

First of all, having kids is expensive. From the start, the pregnancy costs can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000. After the child is born, essentials like diapers, milk, clothes, cot, lotions, toys, strollers, confinement services, the occasional visit to the pediatrician, birthday parties, childcare fee, milk bottles, etc. will easily cost more than $20,000. Augment this financial cost to the inevitable stress, fatigue, and sleep deprivations, it is easy to see why having kids shouldn’t just be an act of impulse.

Having kids is indeed financially, mentally, and physically taxing. But why do we still have kids? Wouldn’t it be better if we preserve our time, money, and energy for ourselves? To pursue our dream. To travel the world. Or to invest in our own future. After all, it’s not as if we all have infinite resources and time on this planet to pursue every desire we have, do we?


We all live in a society and it is unavoidable for us to avoid the norms of it. Having kids after having a career and gotten married is what is naturally expected of us. For us to not oblige to this expectation will only subject ourselves to the unescapable fate of eternal condemnation.


In the jungle, the animals risk their lives to fight for the rights to reproduce. Aren’t we the same, albeit in a more civilized manner? I believe that we all are embedded with an innate urge to past down our genes to ensure the the world and the universe keep going.


Some people have children simply for companionship. As a parent, I can attest that the happiest moments in my life are attributed to my child. Many Asian people believe that it is a blessing to be able to have many children to look after them when they have grown old. However, this belief will only materialize if the children are well brought up and inculcated with the virtues of filial piety.

There can be many other reasons as to why we have kids. However, it is important to realize that the decision should be based solely on both our and our partner’s considerations. As much as possible, we should not have kids simply to conform to ‘society guidelines’.

3 Things To Do On Vesak Day

Image by Good Vibes – Binaural Beats

Vesak Day is a day where people all over the world commemorate Buddhism. Here’s 3 things we can do on this very special day.

Eat Compassionately

Vesak Day is a great day to practise compassionate eating, choosing to eat without the needs of the pain and sufferings of other beings. Vegetarian and vegan meals are ideal options for us to eat compassionately.


The greatest act of a man is to give. When we give, we are also giving ourselves a chance at greatness. This opens the door for us to abundance. Some of the stuff we can give are money, food, time, our strength, and even our attention.

Let Go

In Buddhism, attachments are sufferings. And to learn to let go is to also let go of these sufferings. This is somewhat similar to the essence of minimalism, which is to let go of the unnecessary things in our lives, to make space for what truly matters.